Well-trained employees are the key to our success.  We believe that to succeed in manufacturing, you need a talented team that supports you while you support them.  As a member of our team, we will cross-train you on multiple jobs and give you opportunity to develop valuable skills.  Whenever possible,  we train and promote current employees who are looking to advance their careers.  In fact, our president, Fred Duncan, started here as a Tool Grinder.  We hope your time with us will be just as successful.

Training & Development Center

We operate a state-of-the-art training and development center to cultivate your skills.  Our training center features computer stations for engineering, programming, advanced administrative training and writing skills.  Part loading training stations simulate the loading process to give you hands-on experience.  We even have a CNC machine in our training center so you can work on a real machine while you learn.  Our training center is ETP Funding Approved.

The B&B Book Club

Join the B&B Book Club to enhance your business skills.  Our facilitator chooses books which concentrate on management skills, business philosophy, systems management,  effective communication, team building and more.  Each week, the group meets to discuss the latest book, how it relates to their job and how the teachings can be integrated into everyday activities.  We're always surprised at how much we can learn from each other.  We hope you'll join us.

Educational Reimbursements

We want you to better yourself and encourage our team members to attend classes outside of work.  In fact, we'll reimburse your approved educational expenses up to $1000 per year.


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