We believe that change is a positive tool in attaining continued growth and success.  Our future relies on the investments in our people and state-of-the-art tools to help them create the highest quality products in the most efficient manner.  Our manufacturing centers house more than 115 advanced CNC machining centers hundreds of manual machines and thousands of specialty tools and inspection equipment.

5-Axis Manufacturing Cell

Our 5-Axis manufacturing cell supports the demand for high quality, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.  Comprised of ten horizontal machining centers, a part-washing station and three load-unload stations, this state-of-the-art cell is also fully integrated into our MRP system.

Flexible Manufacturing Cells

Two flexible manufacturing cells totalling 22 machines allow us to accomplish on-demand manufacturing for a variety of parts and customers.  This factory-in-factory™ concept manages all logistics and processing from raw casting to crated assembly ready for shipment.


Our deburr-hands are among the best in the industry.  We have individual dust collection systems at all 30 workstations and capabilities including conventional deburring, tumble deburring, polishing and various peening and blasting operations.  We are able to support complex internal fluid passages, cosmetic details and consistent finishes while utilizing our flexible borescope to ensure a quality product.  Deburring is truly an art and our personnel are trained to inspect and refine parts to the most minute detail.

Clean room

If you have requirements that include clean room assembly, we can get it done.  From the cleaning process to assembly, our clean room can be configured to match requirements for anything from class 100 to class 1,000.  We have the capacity to manage a variety of products including semi- conductor and medical applications.

Equipment List

3-Axis, 4-Axis and 5-Axis Machines

QTY Machine  
10 5-Axis Mori NMV series CNC machining centers  
24 Toyoda 4 / 5 Axis CNC horizontal machining centers  
25 Matsuura 4 / 5 Axis CNC horizontal machining centers  
20 CNC Turning Centers  

Hone and Lap Capabilities

QTY Machine  
8 Vertical and horizontal honing machines  
  Flat and cylindrical lapping  

Complete tool grinding capabilities

Walters CNC tool and cutter grinders  
Monset tool & cutter grinders  
Support equipment  

Tooling Department

Jig Bore  
Centerless Grinding  
Surface Grinding  


In-Process, First article and calibration capabilities  
15 CMMs  
5 DCC CMMs  
9 Manual Mitutoyo CMMs  
1 Shop Floor DCC CMM (454 SF)  
3 offline programming stations for DCC CMMs  
Romer Arm with scanning capabilities  
Used to reverse engineer products  
Can create models (STL)  
Results can be exported to our 3D printer  
Provide point cloud AS9102’s  
In-house calibration  
Over ten thousand gages  

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