Quality Management

At B&B, we all work together towards a common goal, achieving the highest level of quality possible as we strive for continuous improvement. 

To ensure the highest quality standards, we employ the latest equipment available within our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.  Every manufacturing workstation contains the tools necessary to verify process integrity and is staffed with our expertly-trained personnel. 

We foster a quality culture that focuses on continual quality improvement, inspired leadership, empowered employees, and a results-driven environment. Key elements of our quality culture are leadership, quality management, organizational learning and a never-ending process of improvement.

We empower our employees to take ownership of their process and be accountable for their work.  Whether we're working on a titanium valve body for the International Space Station or reviewing process certifications, our commitment to quality is always a priority.

Our quality improvement program encompasses product improvements, process improvements, and employee improvements by utilizing the following tools/philosophies:

Quality is essential to our business because we value our customers. Our quality management program ensures that our employees are committed to achieving high-performance, continual improvements, and customer satisfaction. 

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