We have long participated in the Military arena. We have worked with our customers on nearly every program - from aircraft, to submarines, to missiles. Currently, we are working in support of some of the latest and stealthy programs in operation. Our soldiers deserve the best and we are here to support them

We are involved from the solid model concept to delivery of crucial components.  At every step we make sure that these parts and assemblies are ready to go into action when America needs them.

Some projects we are proud of

C-17 / C-130 Refueling Doghouse

C-130 Refueling Doghouse - Military AerospaceLarge military transports carrying heavy payloads can only achieve take-off by carrying less fuel and topping off once they are airborne.  We manufacture and assemble a critical component allowing the C-17 and C-130 to be refueled in flight via a flying boom. 

The refueling doghouse manufactured by B&B contains 12 machined components, 9 sub-assemblies and 23 different types of hardware.  Our manufacturing process also includes:

  • Sheet-metal trimming and forming
  • Match drilling
  • Sealing
  • Riveting
  • Leak testing
  • Final assembly

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