DCC CMM Inspection

Our highly-trained staff of DCC CMM programmers can use our customers' digital information to create CMM inspection programs in a matter of hours. We can develop inspection programs using PC-DMIS CAD models or with any kind of CAD model.  Just provide us with any CAD file, from a  simple 2D drawing to the most complex solid 3D models. We can import, export and work with CAD data in almost any format.

Our powerful CAD-based tools even help develop and debug inspection programs.  This can cut program development time by up to 90%.  Our PC-DMIS software:
  • Extracts part data directly from the models.
  • Simplifies and error-proofs inspection routines through a point-and-click interface applied to part models.
  • Eliminates mistakes related to bad data entry or by misinterpreting hard copy blueprints.
We also have integrated Hexagon Metrology’s Datapage+ software which provides meaningful, actionable, and timely feedback directly to the shop floor.  This reduces waste, eliminates bottlenecks, and streamlines manufacturing processes resulting in time, resource, and money savings.

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